ULANZI Carbon Fiber Extension Pole for Gimbals

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The Carbon Fiber Extension Pole for Gimbals from Ulanzi allows you to add a lot more control over your gimbal. A 1/4"-20 screw on top, it can be attached to the bottom of most handheld gimbals to let you hold the gimbal more securely and perform a wider range of maneuvers with it, including jib-style shots. 

Additionally, it offers a 1/4"-20 thread on the bottom so you can attach it to mini tripods, monopods, and other supports to be able to stand the gimbal up at an increased height. Made of carbon fiber, it's relatively lightweight and has a sleek design.


Multi-angle shooting: Follow, overhead, pitch shots to satisfy your needs.
Comfortable hand feeling: Adopt carbon fiber material. The surface smooth and level.
High quality: Non-slip silicone on two sides to attach together perfectly, make your shot steady.


Brand: Ulanzi
Model: R040 (long) / R041 (short)
Type: Carbon Fiber Extension Stick
Material: Carbon Fiber
Interface: 1/4
Bearing: 1kg
R040: Phone Stabilizer
R041: Phone Stabilizer, Pocket Camera Phone Holder

Size: R040: 236 x 34mm, R041: 120 x 34mm
Weight: R040: 70g, R041: 90g

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